Recent Talks

I generally make talk slides available on Slideshare .

Where video / capture is also available, these are linked below.

The 21st Century Educator - students as partners in learning and Teaching

BCIT - Faculty of Nursing - Scholarship Day, May 2016

The 21st Century Educator - students as partners in teaching and learning from Simon Bates

Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching - NTU Singapore Teaching and Learning Conference 2016 "From Good to Great" February 2016

Plenary lecture at 2016 NTU Learning and Teaching Seminar - Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching. from Simon Bates

PeerWise: Student-generated content for enhanced engagement and learning

A workshop at NTU Singapore, Sept 2015

PeerWise workshop at NTU Singapore from Simon Bates

Faculty and Students, as collaborators, co-creators and makers

Keynote given atWestern Conference on Science Education (WCSE2015),

London Ont. July 2015

The Anatomy of a 21st Century Educator (an incomplete guided tour)

Keynote given at ETUG Spring meeting June 2015, SFU, BC

Strategies to enhance student engagement and learning in class: blending and flipping

Seminar given at Vancouver Island University, March 2015

Personalized Learning: Implications for curricula, staff and students

Invited keynote at the Universitas 21 Education Innovation conference, UNSW Oct 2014

"If you don't lecture, what do you do?" - Active learning in the classroom

Seminar at the University of Sydney, #edtech talks series

U of Sydney - If you don't lecture from Simon Bates

Think outside the lecture: heads on hands on active learning in the classroom

Keynote at the University of Alberta Centre for Teaching and Learning Summer Symposium

August 2014

Expert guided crowdsourced learning content

Keynote at Improving University Teaching - Vancouver Canada

July 2014

Expert guided crowd sourced learning content: a pilot study from Simon Bates

The Anatomy of a 21st Century educator

Keynote at King's College London. Excellence in Teaching Conference

June 2014.

The Anatomy of the 21st Century Educator from Simon Bates

Video plus slides from King's College website.

Flexible Learning showcase, UBC Celebrate Learning Week

October 2013

Closing Plenary, Centre for Health Education Scholarship, UBC.

Annual Celebration of Scholarship, Vancouver BC

October 2013

Aapt peer wise_bates from Simon Bates

Virtual workshop delivered at the

Western Conference on Science Education

London Ontario

July 2013

Wcse slides bates_galloway_denny from Simon Bates

Keynote lecture at

10th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

University of Birmingham, UK

June 2013

Contributed presentation at

STLHE 2013

University of Cape Breton, NS

June 2013

PeerWise Bates (STLHE 2013) from Simon Bates

Keynote session at

CTLT Institute 2013

Vancouver, BC

May 2013

Keynote lecture at

Strategies for Success 2013, Pearson Education Canada

Toronto, ON

May 2013

Session video available

Keynote talk given at the

Frontiers in Science Teaching Symposium

Aarhus University, Denmark,

June 2012

Link to Prezi presentation